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Dubai Commercial Real Estate & Infrastructure

Dubai City is an international hub of trade, real estate and financial services.

An office in Dubai can boost a company's reach across the whole of Middle East. Consequently almost all the major companies maintain an office in Dubai, and conduct regional operations from their respective Dubai business centre.

Europe Emirates offers Commercial Property business support to those clients looking to set up business in a foreign market wherever Europe Emirates is located.

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This service is often of particular importance for clients who need assistance with local laws, business practices and cultural differences and who need the support of a trusted partner in getting a foreign business venture off the ground.

It is important that you note that the Business Licence and the Residency Visa qualification procedure are totally linked to the Business premises and that Business Premises are required in order to comply with the Ministry of Immigration directives and the licencing bodies terms and conditions.

In support to our other services Europe Emirates provides a single window for all Real Estate issues. We strive to provide quick, customized Solutions to investors in Dubai and provide shell & core solutions to fully equipped offices to client's specifications.

Europe Emirates offers a wide range of consulting services with regard to the Commercial Real Estate options available in UAE. Our success lies in the time we dedicate to provide individualized services to every investor.

Europe Emirates Note: Backed by an innovative approach and commitment to quality Europe Emirates collaborates with top Real Estate Developers whose properties are suitable and sanctioned by the licencing authorities in each and every area of business.

However not all Companies require own offices at setting up stage therefore with a view to accommodating our clients we offer four options.

  • Own Offices
  • Own Freezone Offices
  • Freezone Flexi Desks
  • Serviced Offices
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arabbritishWe are not just a web based Dubai company formation business.
Whatever your financial objectives, bring them to us and we make sure you achieve them. Whether you're looking to pay less tax, wish to establish Dubai company formation, a Dubai bank account, safeguard your business, set up a Dubai virtual office, or become immune to over-regulation, it's almost certain that your aspirations can be achieved quickly, easily and professionally by us. 
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