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Escrow Services

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Escrow is a mechanism used to effectuate real property transfers and other transactions such as exchanges, leases and sales of personal property, securities and loans.

Escrow means any transaction wherein one party delivers an item of value, such as any written instrument, money or evidence of title to real or personal property, to an Escrow Agent.

This item of value is then to be held until a specified event or performance of a prescribed condition occurs, when it is then to be delivered by the Escrow Agent to the other party for the purpose of affecting the sale, transfer, encumbering or leasing of real or personal property.

We offer the following types of Escrow Services:

  1. Sale and Purchase
  2. Rental and Leasehold
  3. Rent-To-Own and Seller Carry Back
  4. Time Share (Sukuk) model
  5. Construction
  6. Developer/Investor (individual, entity, private equity)
  7. Bridge Financing
  8. Intellectual Property – asset or inventory
  9. Concurrent Escrows (original seller to eventual buyer)
  10. Swap/Consolidate Property
  11. Bad Debt Escrows
  12. Bulk (business) Sale


Protect all funds in Escrow/trust account until transaction is complete, ensuring total security. Complete due diligence process, ensuring that you are dealing with a genuine seller who is indeed the legitimate owner or landlord of the property.

Ensure you and only you are purchasing the property in question by preventing the resale of the property until the transaction is complete.

  • Fairly prorate Owner's Association dues, rents and security deposit.
  • Proper and legal transfer of Title in the name of the buyer and/or his designates.
  • Safe and secure information perpetually archived for future use.
  • Innovative options such as rent-to-own initiatives provide benefits such as 'cooling–off' period before buying, mitigating economic risk and optimising cash flow.


  • Provide attractive options to market your property at terms that would sell at good value such as seller carry back
  • Coordinate with all parties on your behalf, such as Dubai Land Department, lenders and developers.
  • Ensure good funds at the time of transfer of Title Deed Certificate.
  • Fairly prorate, calculate and pay-off Owner's Association, DEWA, maintenance, penalties, loan etc.
  • Coordinate loan pay-off with financial institution just prior to transfer.


  • Guarantee commission at completion of transaction.
  • Eliminate risk & liability through increasing transparency and securely depositing funds in an Escrow/trust account, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Enable you to close more deals by offering new solutions to everyday transactions, accommodating the needs of both buyer and seller.
  • Save you time and resources through the effective management of the transaction, freeing up your agents to spend more time in the market, generating leads and closing deals.
  • Provide accounting for all funds received and disbursed from Escrow/trust account in accordance with the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA).
  • Research the records at the Dubai Land Department to authenticate ownership, property details and any mortgage holders and signatories on the contract.
  • Interface with all parties to identify exact pay-off amount for existing loans, buyer's new loan, Government fees, commissions, Owner's Association dues and provide an estimated closing statement to manage expectations from the outset.
  • Expedite the process and follow up on key issues to ensure that the terms and conditions of the contract have been adhered to and all risk elements are addressed.

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