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Outsourced Payroll & Hr

Businesses in the UAE and Middle East Region are increasingly focusing on their core business to achieve a competitive edge with time and cost savings and as a result are outsourcing time-consuming, low efficiency business processes, such as payroll.

However, Middle East based companies face challenges in sourcing reliable providers who are able to provide a combination of flexible technology that can be adapted to suit company needs, regulatory knowledge which ensures compliance to domestic rules, and international governance standards.

Outsourced Payroll Solutions (OPS) developed a payroll solution specific to the Middle East. Their approach does not merely provide a software program to manage payroll, but focus on streamlining a company's business processes, while utilizing technology to provide an integrated, real-time web based solution, thus minimizing the security and confidentiality risk for their clients.

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The advantage is that clients optimize their resources on their primary business, minimize overhead costs, and utilize advance payroll expertise. The result is overall business process streamlining, with measurable benefits. At OPS, partner with our clients to develop, implement and manage an end-to-end, web-based payroll management solution. Confidentiality, data security and accuracy are our operating imperatives.

We are able to offer regular payroll activities, such as transactional processing services, payroll and bank reports, internal audits, payslips, and seamless integration with major financial systems. We also offer enhanced solutions that deliver labour law compliance, enable employee self service, individual client customization of payroll processes and reporting that enables company decision making.

OPS provides a reliable, accurate, and technologically advanced service that is fully auditable.


  • Flexible data submission.
  • Payroll processing that adjust to your needs.
  • Automate the data capturing and payroll management cycle.
  • Solution tailored from full featured corporate payroll management to limited payroll processing.
  • Flexible payroll submission options - online or via email.
  • Time and attendance.
  • GL reporting.


  • Online org structure
  • Employee metric analysis
  • Leave management
  • Comprehensive employee self service
  • HR Workflow and approval
  • Position budgeting and control
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