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Do Business in Dubai through Europe Emirates Group

The benefits of establishing a business presence in Dubai are varied. Thanks to the United Arab Emirates’ incredibly favorable regulatory landscape when it comes to foreign investment and the cost effectiveness of doing business in one of Dubai’s many Free Enterprise Zones, it’s highly advantages to establish an offshore business in the region. However, doing it alone can be confusing and difficult. Instead of trying and failing to do business in Dubai without any help, rely on Europe Emirates Group to provide you the tools and the expertise to conduct business in the UAE

Beneficial Ownership Shielding Courtesy of Dubai

Europe Emirates Group is the industry leader in creating offshore business structures that shield shareholders from having to disclose their ownership of companies. Because the privacy of our clients is of the utmost importance, we specialise in keeping the affairs of our clients as confidential as possible. Here’s how we can protect your offshore company’s directors, shareholders, and officers from prying eyes without compromising the company’s day-to-day operational efficiency.

Benefits of Starting a Dubai Offshore Company II


When you are considering starting up a company in Dubai, it is a good idea to look at the advantages a Dubai offshore company can offer in comparison to setting up a traditional business in the city. Working in the Free Zones around the city, such as Dubai Media City, can provide you with a wealth of benefits you will not necessarily attain elsewhere. If you want to have fast access and you want to set up a business, choosing an offshore option is a great choice. Let's look at some of the biggest benefits and how they could affect you.

Dubai Banking for Your Business II

One of the things you may need to do when opening up a business in Dubai is start a bank account at one of the local banks. Many of the banks in Dubai and other areas of the UAE are very accustomed to working with international investors, which can make setting up a bank account relatively easy. Most of the banks you will find offer conventional services as well as Sharia compliant services. The main difference here is that the Sharia compliant services have their basis in profit sharing rather than interest.

Find Guidance with the Europe Emirates Group II

If you have been considering starting a company based in Dubai, chances are you have a substantial number of questions and concerns. You want to get the best advice and help when it comes to forming your company. You do not want to try to attempt to go at it alone. One of the best options for those who want to start a business or expand in Dubai is to work with the Europe Emirates Group.

Tax Efficient Structures for International Business

One of the great things about doing business in certain other countries is that they are far friendly on businesses when it comes to taxes. They welcome foreign investment and know that by offering a favorable tax atmosphere, they are able to bring more businesses to their area. Dubai is famous for this, and that's why so many companies today are starting their companies in the emirate.

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