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Crown Prince Scales World's Tallest Building

On July 12 of 2014, a super moon was viewed around the world. This astronomical phenomenon occurs when the moon is full at the same time that it is closest to the earth in its orbit. The result is a full moon that looks much larger than normal.

Getting on the Web in Dubai


Whether you are temporarily living in Dubai or working in Dubai, one of the principal concerns you are likely to have as a Westerner is getting Internet access. Internet access in Dubai is quite a bit different than it is in Western nations, but not nearly as restrictive as it is in many other Middle Eastern nations. This is not Saudi Arabia and the Internet is not vigorously censored as it would be in that nation or in many others. That being said, it is censored to a degree and there are some decisions that business people have to make about how they intend to accommodate this.

Setting up Free Zone Companies

Dubai is rather famous for its Free Zones. These are areas that are setup specifically for offshore companies to do business. They are oriented toward specific types of businesses, which makes it vastly easier to determine where the best place to locate offices and other facilities within the city will be.

Taxes in Dubai

You may have heard that Dubai is a tax-free city. This is partially true. Compared to many other nations, residents of the United Arab Emirates enjoy far fewer taxes on the whole. Nonetheless, there are taxes in Dubai and, in some cases, they can be quite high. Fortunately, the high taxes generally apply to items that are low-cost to begin with and that are certainly not the types of taxes that business people and ordinary citizens dread in other nations.

Exploring Dubai's Luxury Accommodations

Dubai is relatively famous for the very high level of accommodations it offers visitors. Some of the most luxurious hotels in the world are located in this city and, if you want to stay somewhere that really treats you like a king or a queen, this is one of the best cities for it. Here are some places you might want to explore while you’re there.

Why Businesses Offshore in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular locations for offshore companies. There are good reasons for this. Many nations around the world offer considerable tax advantages for businesses that want to set up shop in a location other than their principal one. Dubai is a little bit different from many of these nations and those differences are very important to understanding why people tend to want to offshore here.

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