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Banking Confidentially in Dubai

Whenever smart businesspeople look into starting up offshore companies, banking privacy is one of their primary concerns. Not only should a nation chosen for offshoring offer great privacy, it should also have a reliable, modern banking system that can be trusted. Dubai can claim both things, and that is one of the reasons so many offshore companies are locating here.

Adjusting to living in Dubai

Adjusting to living in dubai

Whether you’ve come to Dubai for business or pleasure, this city always has something new to offer. This is an ultra-modern, fast-developing city that welcomes visitors from all over the world. At the same time, the Dubai lifestyle incorporates many traditional elements of the region that it calls home. If you’re working in Dubai, you’ll find that there are plenty of great places to learn about the culture in your off time. This not only builds an appreciation for what the city has to offer, but also has real benefits for those doing business in Dubai.

05 Aug - The Business Environment in Dubai

The Business Enviroment in Dubai

Dubai serves as a major commercial and transport hub within the Middle East. It enjoys all the benefits of a modern infrastructure and a welcoming business environment making it the natural choice for businesses wishing to settle in this vibrant and fast-growing part of the globe.  Dubai offers the full package and has become an increasingly diverse economy since becomin less reliant on oil and instead specializing in trade, tourism and financial services.

Residential Property In Dubai

DUbai Buildings


Dubai has a rapidly changing and fast-growing residential property market as professionals and their families move to the city. Many new companies and established multinationals have moved their operations to the Middle East’s financial and transport hub in recent years. Since 2002, when a new law was passed to allow foreign nationals to own property, Dubai has also enjoyed an unprecedented construction boom

Although for many a move to Dubai is determined by work requirements, more and more people are re-locating there as a lifestyle choice. Dubai offers a warm climate and unmatched luxury with a wide range of leisure events.

Dubai Office Space And Serviced Offices

Dubai Skyline

Many Dubai-based companies offer numerous flexible office solutions for businesses wishing to either relocate to the United Arab Emirates or those requiring office space only for short periods.

Office space providers often offer a full range of additional services to businesses like logistical support, the hiring of business lounges, meeting rooms and conference centers. These extra services will provide new and growing businesses everything they need as they set up in Dubai and can offer a refreshing and cost-effective alternative to traditional office spaces.


Benefits Of Ajman

Dubai Blue Bridge

The Emirate of Ajman is on the western coast of the United Arab Emirates.  Its economy has been historically reliant on fishing and trade. Since then, Ajman has been transformed into a modern emirate with up-to-date facilities, infrastructure and services.

In recent times, Ajman has experienced a surge in economic growth and an increase in construction. Although not dependent on oil, Ajman continues to explore different markets and sources of income in what is a rapidly changing and exciting place to do business.

Dubai Real Estate

Dubai Real Estate

Dubai Real Estate

Even though many property markets across the globe struggle to weather the storm of the financial crisis, the real estate market in Dubai is fighting fit and growing at an encouraging rate. Dubai’s real estate sector still manages to attract investment from around the world despite a global trend that has seen prices plummet in even the most resilient markets.

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