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When to Visit Dubai II

While Dubai goes to great lengths to welcome tourists and those who have come to conduct business, some times are better than others to visit, if you have a choice. You may wish to have your visit coincide with a festival or a particular event, or you may feel uncomfortable visiting the country during religious holidays such as Ramadan or the Islamic New Year, although you really needn't feel that way.

The Vibrant Cityscape of Dubai II

There are at least three things that can be said about the cityscape of Dubai; it is growing larger, it is growing taller, and it is ever-changing. Add the fact that it can be described as futuristic, and you can begin to see why vibrant is an accurate descriptor. Dubai is an international city as well. Less than 20 percent of the population are citizens of Dubai or of the United Arab Emirates, of which Dubai is a member. Most of those living and working in the city are foreign workers and expatriates, which only add to the city's cosmopolitan and international feel.

Dubai Business

Although offshore companies only represent a fraction of the total number of businesses operating out of Dubai, these types of companies are welcome in that they often serve as vital regional hubs for foreign businesses, and attract foreign investors as well.

How to get on the Web in Dubai

Internet service is available throughout the country, and most hotels and some businesses feature free Wi-Fi connections. If you will be a long-time visitor and plan on staying in a residence or an apartment, getting on the web is usually not a problem. If you don't have access to a cable or satellite box, dial-up service is usually available.

Dubai - Mall of the World

The Dubai Mall, is one of the largest in the world. It is located in the heart of downtown Dubai. There are plans in the works to make it even larger, but even if those plans come to fruition, it is highly likely that, in terms of size, the Dubai Mall may have to settle for being number 2.

Dubai's Luxury Accommodations

When most travelers book hotel rooms, they look for affordable lodging, as well as lodging where they can get the most for their money. Some look for the cheapest hotels they can find or seek rooms at bargain rates. There are a few however that not only look for luxury in a hotel, but as much luxury as possible. Here are four Dubai hotels that rank among the highest on the luxury scale.

Looking for Adventure in Dubai

Dubai is a city built on sand. It is a coastal city, so it is not completely surrounded by sand, but it is in many respects a desert city. Unless your idea of adventure is hiking over sand dunes on a blistering hot day, you might be excused for thinking Dubai is not a good place to visit for the adventure seeker.

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