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Easy dual citizenship with Europe Emirates Group



Programs for granting second citizenship and second passport in return for the investments exist in many countries worldwide. The growth in the number of government programs has been significant as they compete to attract significant inward investment from entrepreneurs and investors. Second citizenship thus involves the safekeeping of a second home, which can be resorted to for vacation time, safety from political, social or economic instability, and a different way of life.


Expressions of interest come from people of all walks of life – young married couples, single individuals, retirees, professionals, expats, investors and executives who are willing to make the financial contribution required for applying for the economic citizenship and citizenship-by-investment programs that we offer.


Our team at Europe Emirates Group have met with hundreds of successful applicant’s and their families and it is always fascinating to hear their personal background and to understand the reasons why they have sought to secure an alternative citizenship.


Their reasons are varied, as is their geographic, and include some of the following:


Independence – The ability to travel or have the option to relocate at any time


Security – A guarantee of a permanent alternative place to go and a permanent right to reside


Visa Waivers – Provides access to countries without the need for time consuming visa application processes


Quality of Life – This can mean different things to different people with climate, personal security, clean environment, healthcare and transport being just some of the determining factors


Retirement – The freedom to retire in a safe country without worrying about changing immigration laws to support retirement planning


Investment – An alternate citizenship can afford easier access and familiarity with some attractive investment locations and opportunities that may not have been previously considered


Education – Citizenship of certain countries can provide access to some of the best educational institutions in the world for family members


Protection – The ability to move freely when some nationals may be exposed to threat, hostility and criminal activity


Estate Planning – Citizenship can be a determining factor in most double tax treaties


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Where there's a will...


UAE succession law impose how an asset is distributed on death. It is not meant to be a scare tactic but it is a fact that whilst living in the UAE, Sharia Law is applied by the Courts of First Instance throughout the Emirates, which means that even if you have an existing Will that has been drawn up properly in your home country or domicile, it may not be accepted here.

Under the UAE Civil Transaction code, it states that inheritance would be decided by the law of the deceased at the time of death, this means that all assets would be distributed according to the law of his/her domicile. However, another article in the same states that those disposing of their real estate located in the UAE would be done as per the law of UAE

Furthermore, the Central Bank has issued regulations requiring all banks to apply Sharia Law. The courts who apply this law, states that "the rules and principles of Islamic law shall be relied upon in the understanding, construction and interpretation of these provisions" to support their contention that distribution of real estate should be subject to Sharia Law. The principles of Islam dictate that assets are distributed as per these principles regardless of what is stated in the will of the deceased, which means that it does not matter what is stated in an Expatriate's will, the courts will apply the Sharia principles of forced heirship.  

It is essential for non-Muslim expatriates to arrange to have a Sharia-protected will in order to financially protect their families in the event of a tragedy. If the husband is killed in an accident the UAE authorities will freeze all his assets held in the UAE such as bank accounts, credit cards, investments and inhibit any sale of property making for a very difficult financial situation for his spouse and children. After a long-drawn process the wife is only entitled to an eighth of the husband’s entire estate. By arranging for an attested will, where Europe Emirates Group can assist, you can ensure your estate in the UAE will be fully distributed to your family.

For further information please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

DAFZA Seeks To Support More Spanish Firms


Spanish companies will receive support in establishing operations at the Dubai Airport Freezone, following discussions between the Spanish Business Council and the Freezone Authority. 

DAFZA offers a number of tax incentives to businesses, including 100 percent exemption from corporate tax and import and export tax, and allows 100 percent foreign ownership.

DAFZA said it hosts a group of leading Spanish companies involved in electronics, aviation and avionics and related services, engineering and construction materials, luxury goods, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, cosmetics, perfumes, food and beverages, and consulting and business management.

José Eugenio Salarich, Ambassador of Spain to the United Arab Emirates, said: "Spain embraces many free zones, so we are confident that our meeting with DAFZA officials will open broad prospects for the development of a solid foundation for us to promote the exchange of experiences and the transfer of knowledge relevant to the management of free zones. We look forward as well to the forging of effective partnerships that will pave the way for even more Spanish companies to take advantage of the facilities provided by DAFZA, which is considered as an ideal investment environment for expanding within the promising regional market."

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Consider Alternate Residency

Residence visa can be availed in the UAE in the following ways:

  • Purchase of real estate. In case of purchase of residential property in Dubai or any other Emirate with value over one million dirhams, you may obtain residence permit in the UAE and is usually valid for two years
  • Employment: You would need an employment visa to work legally for someone. All formalities related to visa obtainment shall be performed by your employer. On average it takes 2-3 weeks to receive such visa.
  • Incorporation of your own company: This is the most convenient and efficient option for obtaining business visas in the UAE. It just takes a couple of days to have the complete company and residency visa in place.

A residence status, either by virtue of employment or business ownership allows for sponsorship of family members. This includes spouse and children, as well as parents. He is also required to secure independent accommodation and show a registered tenancy contract in his name. The size of the property must correspond with the size of the family. A woman can sponsor her family only if she is married and subject to further restrictions. Furthermore, under the residence visa one can sponsor domestic help, such as a maid, nanny or driver, subject to certain conditions. 

A residence visa entitles the holder to open a local bank account and qualify for a full range of banking facilities, buy a car or lease a property. Sponsored children can be enrolled in local schools.

Residence visa is usually granted either for two or three years, depending on the issuing authority. It allows unlimited entry into, and stay in the country provided a resident visit’s the U.A.E. at least every six months. 

If you move permanently to the UAE and are out of your county for a full tax year, you may be also able to earn a 100% tax-free salary in Dubai. However, each person’s circumstances are unique and it is advisable to consult Europe Emirates Group at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The UAE has also signed a number of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements with countries to ensure that individuals do not get stuck paying tax to two different governments on income earned in one country.

Are the days of “Tax Haven” numbered?

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The mounting impact of the Brexit is yet to fully materialize but the outcome has already been an outpour of pessimism and uncertainty. The plunging Sterling against the US dollar and the Euro plus the fall and recovery of major stocks at the FTSE, equate to the devaluation of local and foreign investments in the country. Alternative options on securing assets aren't easily available. Are the days of “tax heaven” numbered?

We believe that the diversity of investment plays an important role to be able to overcome the challenges. A secured, stable and tax free jurisdiction will resolve fear of losing the value of funds. 

Banking in the UAE is a tangible alternative. There is an overwhelming increase in the formation of companies, special purpose vehicles and legal holding structures in the region for the sole purpose of being able to obtain a UAE bank account. Thanks to the reliability of the monetary system in the country, which now boasts an FDI of close to AED 34,966.67 Million. UAE-based clients are protected from unauthorised disclosure of confidential information relating to their bank accounts. According to the analysis done by Tax Justice Network and Financial Secrecy Index experts, the country was rated as one of the most reliable, in terms of confidentiality, countries in the world. 

Here are some of the features of a UAE bank account:

  • High quality and standard
  • Security of funds
  • Privacy
  • Liquidity of cash
  • Deposit Banking
  • Wire and electronic transfers
  • Online banking facility
  • Credit facility
  • Letters of credit and trade finance
  • Possibility of obtaining a personal account
  • Low maintenance

To know more about how to setup an offshore bank account in the UAE, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly for assistance. 

Still not sure which Offshore to choose?

Can we still find certainty in our uncertain World? Brexit, Panama papers, Falciani list…. name but a few…. We have been following this trend for long enough to make us believe that anything is possible.

Besides its strategic central location, a home to Top World Banks, the absence of restrictions on Profit Remission, exchange transactions and Capital movements the UAE is still one of the safest Countries to do business in.

It is whitelisted, has a good value proposition and has a signed Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties with more than 40 countries. Through UAE Offshore Company Incorporation, you are likely to gain operational competence, best discretion, asset security and tax exemption.

UAE offshore offers: 

- 100 foreign ownership

- tax free jurisdiction

- low start-up costs

- complete protection of financial privacy and resources

- the flexibility to operate from anywhere 

- allows to open and manage bank accounts in the UAE

- requires only 1 shareholder and 1 director

- holds real assets and equities in the UAE and across the world

- ease of setup (no visit required)

- no audit 

- minimum share capital of AED 1000

 Unlike other jurisdictions, the UAE operates in complete anonymity and privacy. 

To know more about UAE Offshore please do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly so we may advise accordingly.


Europe Emirates Group – Experts in Incorporation & Financial services

If you desire to start business in Dubai and be part of this vibrant and flourishing economy, then Europe Emirates Group is here to help you with the best service. We are a leading business consultant based in Dubai providing prompt business solutions for start-ups and the established corporate management companies, in Dubai and across 35 jurisdictions around the world. We have hand-picked a team of experts who deliver quality strategy plans and solutions depending on the specific needs of any business proposal. Venturing into a business is like stepping into a big ocean and we help to sort out the complexities of businesses by taking care of the registration, document clearance and trade license certificates with in-depth understanding of every minute detail. 

When it comes to the plan to start business, we extend our customized services to commercial, financial, corporate, trading, manufacturing and licensing sector.

Europe Emirates Group is a reputed business consultant in Dubai and we have a proven track record with respect to the performance in delivering the right solution based on specific lines of business. 

Europe Emirates Group Benefits:

  • Specialized business services for setting up companies in worldwide offshore zones and also in Dubai
  • Enhanced support and service towards strategic planning to set up business.
  • Consultation services through research and cost-effective ways to enhance performance.
  • Our tailored service will make your experience unique and exclusive, we provide you with PERSONAL ASSISTANCE THROUGHOUT THE PROCESS via a professional and dedicated customer focused team.
  • We offer complimentary service levels designed to ensure that the experience is as comfortable as possible by take our exceptional service to the highest levels making the process as stress free.
  • Financial Solution structured around the customer’s requirements whilst also maintaining a high level of privacy and confidentiality.




Senior Manager – Europe Emirates Group

       Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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