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Incorporating in Dubai

Many foreigners are considering opening up and incorporating a company in Dubai. When done properly, a company incorporated in the country can receive a range of different benefits. It’s such a popular option that nearly 200 of the Fortune 500 companies now have businesses set up in Dubai and it could be just the right opportunity you need for your own business.

Businesses in the Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone

Established in 2002, the Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone, or DHCC, is an area of the city that offers high quality healthcare services, as well as a number of investment possibilities for international investors. The Dubai Healthcare City Authority Regulator is in charge of the rules and regulations that the companies will need to follow. They are also responsible for the registration of the companies in the free zone. The authority has four different departments – healthcare, education and research, investment, and regulatory.

What is the Dubai Company Act?

A large number of people are considering starting up a business in Dubai. It is a great location for many types of businesses, and it offers up a number of advantages, including favorable tax benefits. However, before deciding to set up a company or a branch in the city, it is important to get a better understanding of what the Dubai Company Act is and what it means for those who come to the city.

Why Do People Want to Open Businesses in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most popular places in the entire world today for both tourism and doing business. It’s a very modern and highly successful city that has plenty to offer. It has a great location, plenty of things to entertain those who choose to visit or make their home in the city, and it is one of the most successful trading hubs in the world today. Many entrepreneurs are looking at reasons to open a business in Dubai. The following are some of the best reasons.

Understanding the Dubai Airport Free Zone

Established in 1996, the Dubai Airport Free Zone is actually located inside of the Dubai International Airport. It is a highly developed free zone, and it is a very popular area for a number of different types of businesses thanks to the benefits that it offers. Currently, there are more than 1,600 different companies in a variety of fields, and the number of companies there keeps on growing.

What Is the Dubai Media City Free Zone?

The government of Dubai created the Dubai Media City Free Zone in 2000 as a regional network specifically for media companies. Currently, the DMC Free Zone features more than 1,300 of these companies. The Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority allow companies to perform their business activities in the environment. They use international standards when it comes to most of the rules and regulations for the zone.

What Is the Dubai Maritime City Free Zone?


Dubai Maritime City is one of the newest free zones in the city. It is a large and impressive maritime complex that includes six different districts. The area is a great place for many types of foreign investors, as it offers a wealth of benefits, and it is possible to set up quite a few different types of companies in the zone.


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