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Have Fun in Dubai but know the Rules

Part of the Dubai lifestyle is getting to play in one of the most modern and elite cities in the world. That being the case, many people come to this destination looking to sample a bit of the nightlife in Dubai. While there are plenty of establishments to check out, it’s important that tourists understand that there are some rules that need to be followed.

Dubai's Mall of the World

When Dubai does something big, it’s really big. Such is the case with the proposed Mall of the World. This new mall will actually be more of a district, over 48 million square feet in total.

Dubai's Famous Islands

If you browse to Dubai on Google Maps, you’ll notice that, just off shore from the city, there are some rather curious looking structures for people who weren’t aware of their existence. Dubai, always ambitious where building is concerned, has constructed artificial islands off the coast. The most famous of these is Palm Jumeirah, so named because it is in the shape of a palm tree.

Doing Business in Dubai

Dubai has a reputation for being one of the most breathtaking cities in the world, but underneath that there’s a very serious business world. People from around the world do business in this city and, in fact, that is one of the major ways that the city has oriented its development. While the infrastructure may be marvelous, the city is also renowned for a business reputation that emphasizes discretion and that has proven popular with offshore companies.

Development in Dubai

Buying property in Dubai is an exceptionally popular way to invest for wealthy individuals and corporations. This nation has been enjoying a huge boom in property development since the 1990s. In fact, a blog on Tumblr has some excellent images that show just how much construction has been done in this city sense that era. According to that source, as many as 25% of the cranes in the world are located in Dubai, which gives some idea of how much property development goes on in this city.

Considerations when visiting Dubai in Business

Considerations When Visiting Dubai on Business

If you’re planning on living in Dubai or working in Dubai, you’ll find that the general feel of the place is very welcoming to people from other nations. You’ll quickly learn the customers that apply to doing business in this city. However, if you’re associated with one of the many offshore companies in the city and are just visiting in business, a crash course in some of the local customs will go a long way toward keeping things smooth and friendly. This is a warm city, on the whole, and people are very welcoming and more than willing to give visitors some pointers. Here are some important things to now.

Business Confidentiality in Dubai

Business Confidentiality in Dubai

If you plan on doing business in Dubai, you will definitely want to learn a bit about the local laws. Fortunately, Dubai has business laws that are excellent for companies that want to locate here as international entities. Confidentiality is respected in this nation and it also has a reputation for offering a very favorable climate where taxes are concerned. Free Zone companies that locate in Dubai also have access to an excellent labor force.

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