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Преимущества создания компании в Дубае

Иностранные компании, которые думают об открытии своего дела в Дубае, видят целый ряд преимуществ. Первым делом, им нужно определить для себя, хотят ли они зарегистрировать компанию не в СЭЗ, а на основной территории страны и иметь способность работать в любом месте в Дубае и других эмиратах, или зарегистрировать свою компанию в одной из Свободных экономических зон. Свободные зоны являются наиболее популярной областью, чтобы начать бизнес, так как они могут предложить немало преимуществ для международных компаний. На самом деле, само создание свободных зон было сделано, чтобы привлекать иностранные компании.

Benefits of Starting a Business in Dubai

Foreign companies that are thinking about opening up a business in Dubai will find that it can offer a number of benefits. The first thing that they need to do when starting their business is to determine whether they want to register a mainland/non free zone  company that is able to operate anywhere in Dubai and other emirates, or if they want to register their company in one of the free zones instead. The free zones are the most likely area in which to start a business, as they can offer quite a few advantages for international companies. In fact, the creation of the free zones was meant to be something that would attract foreign companies.

10 Facts About Starting a Business in Dubai

Entrepreneurs are quite excited about the prospect of opening up a business in Dubai. It offers quite a few benefits and really very few drawbacks. It’s an attractive location for many different types of business, and the fact that the economy in the area is as strong as it is right now merely adds to the benefits. Let’s look at ten interesting facts about starting and running a business in the city.

Setting up a Free Zone Company in Dubai


Dubai is a thriving Gulf Coast Emirate whose economy, once based on fossil fuels, is now driven by business, trade, and tourism. Investors are particularly welcome in Dubai, and establishing offshore companies in the Emirate is especially encouraged. In order to attract foreign investment, a number of free zones have been established. These free zones provide a number of benefits businesses may find very attractive.

Taxation in UAE - Dubai

With the onset of the global financial crisis, many governments around the world have been forced to increase spending in an attempt to prevent the crisis from escalating. At the same time, faced with depleted revenues, they have had to consider tougher measures for collecting taxes in order to balance budgets. With billions of dollars in tax revenue lost annually through tax evasion even in the best of times and the global economy currently in dire straits, tax havens have increasingly come under fire from governments and anti-poverty campaigners who see them as having contributed to and worsened the current financial crisis, as well as having widened the gap between the rich and poor. Simply put, many believe the days of tax havens are numbered. During the G20 summit in April this year, the UK’s Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, announced that it was “the start of the end” for tax havens and warned that any country found to be in breach of international tax standards, would have to “come into line” or face sanctions¹.


The Ministry of Finance (MoF), today, organised a press conference to discuss the latest developments of the draft agreement on the foreign account tax compliance for individuals subjected to tax as per the US tax law (FATCA). The press conference was held at the Ministry’s premises in Abu Dhabi. Entities participating alongside the Ministry included the UAE Central Bank, Securities and Commodities Authority, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and the Insurance Authority.

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