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    Europe Emirates Group can help you start your business in Greece

    Company formation in Greece follows the EPE/Sarl structure with the benefits of a limited liability company and takes approximately two weeks.

    The process begins with name registration with the Chamber of Commerce & Industry, after which the company needs to register an office, get government approval for company statutes and register for tax purposes. Tax officials will also inspect the address, so the cost of maintaining the space needs to be calculated into the cost of registering the business.


    If a single individual owns the entirety of a company, the company name must denote that. A notary public has to be engaged to see the signature of any resolutions signed for such companies.


    In addition to this, if it is a single owner company, any contracts that are signed by the company owner – apart from operational transactions – have to be registered in the company Minutes and in writing.

    • The articles of incorporation have to be signed in front of a notary public and the company capital will have to be put into a bank account
    • Capital tax has to be paid immediately to the local Tax Authority in return for a stamp issued by the Lawyer’s Pension Fund and the Lawyer’s Welfare Fund provides certification
    • The articles of incorporation are registered with the Court of First Instance and the company then receives a register number
    • The Printing Office provides publication of the Articles of Incorporation in its official journal then registration is completed at the Chamber of Commerce & Industry and social security authorities
    • The Tax Authority will stamp the invoice and company account books after receiving the Tax Registration Number.

    There are no restrictions on director nationality but stringent regulatory requirements mean that it is preferable to have a Greek resident on board.