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Europe Emirates Group offers sophisticated company management and banking services to meet the demands of international businesses.

To establish offshore tax residency, we provide professional third party officers, which is a prerequisite when it comes to understanding taxation legislation in overseas jurisdictions and making the most of tax savings.

It is rarely advisable for onshore resident clients to act as directors of an offshore company. We specialise in creating structures where shareholders do not need to disclose their ownership of other companies for commercial reasons, and to ensure complete client confidentiality.

Company Management Services

Company Management Services


We are able to provide professional directors to act on client instruction and to monitor and control the day-to-day activities of your business. In many countries directors must be ‘real people’, however, corporate directors are permitted in some offshore centres.

For clients who seek corporate confidentiality, we provide a shareholders’ service where we form third party companies in international jurisdictions with the sole purpose of holding shares on behalf of a client.


To protect client interests, these third party companies enter into ‘declaration of trust’ contracts with company owners that effectively prevent the third party company from acting without owner instructions.

In most common law jurisdictions, a company secretary is required and Europe Emirates Group can assist in sourcing the right person.

Our full company management remit also includes providing a third party director as bank account signatory.